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Before You Say I DO




Before You Say I DO

Are you ready to get hitched? Before you say “I do,” there is a lot of planning and decision making that goes into throwing the perfect wedding. From finding the right venue to selecting delicious catering options, it can all be a bit overwhelming. To help make your special day stress-free (and memorable in all the right ways), take a look at these must-have ingredients needed for a great wedding!


Planning a wedding is no small feat, and while there are some parts of it that can be overwhelming, having the right supplies will make the entire process much easier. We’ll look at all the essential items needed to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch – so get ready for some serious bridal shopping! Whether you’re into elegant motifs or wild designs, modern trends or traditional themes – follow my tips and tricks on planning the perfect wedding that fits your unique style. Let’s jump right in!


Ah, weddings. Every single woman dreams of that moment when she’s walking down the aisle and tying the knot with her special someone – talk about a fairytale! Getting married is one of the most amazing days of your life, and you want to make it perfect. From dress shopping to cake tasting, planning your dream wedding can often be stressful, but don’t you worry because I’m here to give all my lovely ladies out there the ultimate checklist for making sure everything runs smoothly on that special day. Here are five things I think you need to have in order for an absolutely perfect wedding day! Ready? Let’s go!

Before You Say I DO

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right ladies?

  1. A beautiful Wedding Venue that will make for some amazing photos and memories
    When it comes to wedding planning, there’s nothing like finding the absolute perfect venue. After all, your location will set the tone for your entire day of nuptial perfection. So if you’re a single bride-to-be looking for a beautiful setting to make those ever-lasting memories and get some incredible photographs the venue is everything.
  2. A Stunning Wedding Dress that you feel confident and comfortable. Are you saying ‘I do’ to the idea of wearing a stunning wedding dress this season? If so, let’s get down to business! We know how important it is for any bride-to-be to look and feel her best on her special day. That means finding the perfect gown. The one that makes your heart flutter with excitement, yet fits comfortably like an old shoe. Not only does such a feat seem daunting, but also nerve wracking. With so many styles available nowadays paired with individual body types. It should be comfortable because you in ti all day. How can you be sure that you will find THE ONE? Don’t worry; we have just the thing for you – no matter what shape or size, a wedding dress made just for YOU!
  3. The Wedding Ring – Planning a wedding can be an exciting but overwhelming endeavor. Weaving together the perfect color palette, finding the best venue for your special day, and choosing the right dress. But perhaps one of the most defining elements of every wedding is that beautiful little circle. The symbol of commitment between two people: The wedding ring! For those single ladies out there who are about to take this essential step, we’ve got you covered. Some fun tips on how to find the perfect piece for your big day. The wedding ring! No matter what your style or budget may be! Check out these stunning rings click here
  4. Invitations – Planning a wedding is stressful enough — having to decide who makes it onto the guest list can be daunting. Creating your perfect guest list shouldn’t require an advanced degree. So don’t worry! There’s no need to stress over fighting for or against plus one invites and trying to sort out exactly who deserves an invite. Fretting over how many guests are too few or too many can give you a headache. Assembling your family and friends can be a real challenge, especially when you have to consider drunk Uncle Charlie. There is a drunk Uncle Charlie in every family. Deciding whether to invite coworkers, and thinking about children running all over the place can be a nighmare for a bride. Breathe and relax it’s your day and your decision. Just invite the people that want to celebrate bringing you two together on such a monumental day.
  5. An Event Coordinator to take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy the day. – Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. Having to chose the perfect venue to finding a photographer that captures your vision can drive you insane. You have countless decisions to make and a cordinator could be the move. To help ensure your special day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, look no further than an experienced event coordinator. With years of industry knowledge and expertise on hand, they’ll take care of all the details for you so you can relax and soak in every moment without worrying about anything else.
  6. A professional photographer and videographer to capture all those special moments. Are you a bride-to-be looking for the perfect photographer and videographer? They will capture all of those special moments at your wedding. When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. That includes capturing all those special moments in photos and videos. A professional photographer and videographer will preserve beautiful memories for you and your partner? Don’t worry – we found just the one! With their amazing skills and exceptional vision, they’ll make sure your most precious moments are transformed into timeless works of art. From unique angles to special editing techniques, our recommended photographer/videographer has something that will capture exactly what makes your wedding day so remarkable—Your love story! URBT Wedding call them at 213-594-5552


Before You Say I DO

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