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URBT Buys Assets from She Beverage for $54 Million

“This goes beyond the monetary cost” says, CEO Joseph Collins, “we deem the technology their most impressive asset.”




URBT Buys Assets from She Beverage for $54 Million

URBT Buys Assets from She Beverage for $54 Million – Urban TV Network Corp (OTC: URBT) is proudly announcing their purchase of the assets from She Beverage Company for approximately $54 million in cash and stocks. This groundbreaking acquisition is likely to benefit shareholders of URBT greatly over the coming years due to the cutting-edge technologies included in this purchase.  URBT didn’t purchase the assets solely for its great beverage product line but for its innovative communication technology. This innovation allows influencers to build brands and brand recognition.  The company also purchased a new app for churches that allows pastors to communicate with their membership more effectively.  Slated for launch sometime in 2023. Scoring such a unique investment is sure to be important for URBT moving forward and demonstrate their drive towards success!

Urban TV Network Corp also received 20 acres of land in suburban California as part of this acquisition. Our plans to develop “URBT Studios West” on the land.  There is potential to create world-class television and broadcast studios and we look forward to breaking ground in the near future.

URBT Buys She for $54 Million

URBT will get a technology boost with this purchase

This company was able to create value unparalleled by many companies in the same industry enough for Urban Television Network Corp to make a commitment to purchase the assets. Urban TV Network Corp (URBT) has high hopes for the future of media.  Our investment reflects our confidence in the groundbreaking technologies, “This goes beyond the monetary cost” says, CEO Joseph Collins, “we deem the technologies their most impressive assets.”

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URBT Buys She for $54 Million

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