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Hope LA Day




Hope LA Day

On November 6, 2022 Hope LA Day will be held in Los Angeles. This city-wide event is aimed at bringing people together to volunteer and make a difference in their community. There are many different ways to get involved on Hope LA Day, so whether you’re a first timer or an experienced volunteer, there’s something for everyone. From Hologram Performances featuring Jackie Wilson to serving food. There’s sure to be an opportunity that piques your interest. So come out and join us on Hope LA Day on November 6, 2022 starting at 12 Noon. A day of giving back!

Come out to Hope LA Day. Show your unity!

URBT News supports Hope LA Day. This day of prayer, singing and jubilee represents the first annual day of Hope. Hope L.A. Day was created for people to express themselves without judgment. It’s a safe space for people from all walks of life to come together. We need to break down the barriers that divide us and Hope L.A. Day is a step in the right direction!

Hope LA Day

URBT News Supports Hope LA Day!

This annual event that brings together members of the Los Angeles community to volunteer their time and resources in support of local nonprofits. This year, the event will be taking place on November 6, 2022, starting at 12 noon to 6pm. located 2000 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, Ca 90405 and there are a number of ways for interested individuals and groups to get involved. Whether you’re looking to donate your time or funds, there’s a way for you to make a difference and we hope you’ll join us in making a positive impact on our community!

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