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Greg Abbott’s – Illegal Immigration Can get you 20 Years in Prison




Greg Abbott's - Illegal Immigration Can get you 20 Years in Prison

Greg Abbott’s – Illegal Immigration Can get you 20 Years in Prison in Texas. In recent months, the issue of immigration has taken center stage in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott made headlines by attempting to close the southern borders of the state. The governor believes the Biden administration’s inadequate response to the immigration issue is the reason for this action. The intensifying debate surrounding Abbott’s actions raises concerns about whether they violate legal precedent, such as the Arizona vs. United States case. Presidential candidate Joseph Collins Jr.’s stance on the new Texas laws adds to the ongoing conversation.

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Abbott’s Rationale

Governor Abbott claims the Biden administration’s handling of immigration has exacerbated illegal border crossings, human trafficking, and drug smuggling in Texas. Abbott declared a state of emergency due to a perceived lack of federal action and initiated measures to close the southern borders to address these issues. The governor contends that it is the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens. Additionally, he views these measures as necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of Texas residents.


Legal Implications

Critics of Abbott’s actions raise concerns about potential legal overreach. The Arizona vs. United States (2012) case established a precedent restricting states’ ability to enact and enforce immigration laws independently of federal authority. In this landmark case, the Supreme Court ruled that specific provisions of Arizona’s immigration law, which allowed state and local law enforcement to play a role in immigration enforcement, were pre-empted by federal law.

Legal issues may arise if Abbott’s policies violate federal authority or law. The ongoing dispute over the balance between state and federal powers in immigration matters poses a significant legal challenge if any deviation from established boundaries occurs.

Joseph Collins Jr.’s Perspective

Joseph Collins Jr Presidential Speech Why He Should Lead the Free World
PICTURE: President candidate Joseph Collins, Jr. PHOTO: COURTESY OF: URBT News.

Presidential candidate Joseph Collins Jr. has emphasized the need for comprehensive federal immigration reform. Collins criticizes Abbott’s unilateral approach, arguing that addressing immigration challenges requires a collaborative and bipartisan effort. He advocates for increased federal funding for border security, enhanced immigration processing facilities, and humane treatment of migrants.

Collins emphasizes the importance of balancing border security with compassion and adherence to international human rights standards. The presidential candidate advocates for a comprehensive approach to address the systemic issues driving migration while upholding the rule of law.

Governor Abbott’s bold move to close Texas’ southern borders reflects frustration among state leaders grappling with the ongoing immigration challenge. Abbott advocates for immediate action to safeguard Texans, but his approach’s legal and constitutional implications remain uncertain.


The Arizona versus the United States case reminds states to navigate carefully when enacting immigration-related measures. Joseph Collins Jr. emphasizes the need for a comprehensive federal immigration reform that addresses the root causes of migration while upholding justice and humanity principles. The ongoing debate over Abbott’s actions emphasizes the complexities of immigration. Additionally, his actions show the need for collaborative solutions at the state and federal levels.

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