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Trump’s Legal Team Shake-Up




Trump’s Legal Team Shake-Up

Trump’s Legal Team Shake-Up: What’s Next for the Former President’s Defense? Former President Donald Trump prepares to surrender at an Atlanta jail.  Reports are now surfacing that he has decided to make a major change in his legal team. Steve Sadow will replace Drew Findling as a criminal defense lawyer. Sadow, Jennifer Little, and Marissa Goldberg had previously negotiated Trump’s $200,000 bond. While Little will remain on the team, this sudden development raises important questions about the former president’s defense strategy. We’ll delve into what this shake-up could mean for Trump’s legal defense going forward.


A Closer Look at Steve Sadow

Let’s take a closer look at the high-profile prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer, Steve Sadow. He has represented numerous celebrities and politicians, including rapper T.I. and former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. While Sadow has considerable experience as a lawyer, what can we expect from him in this high-profile case? According to reports, Sadow will work to have Trump’s Fulton County charges dropped due to political bias. Rather than relying on the case’s merits, Sadow will contend political motivations drove the decision to indict Trump.


In 2000, Sadow won an acquittal for Joseph Sweeting.  Sweeting and former football player Ray Lewis were accused in the murder of two men after a post-Super Bowl party.


What’s Next for the Former President’s Defense?

Steve Sadow is a well-known criminal defense lawyer who has handled high-profile cases. He has already expressed his belief that the prosecution’s intention to advance or serve the ambitions and careers of the president’s political opponents has no place in the justice system. This suggests that Sadow will do everything in his power to ensure that Trump is found not guilty of the charges brought against him.

The charges against Trump include attempting to overturn Georgia election results and pressuring state officials to help him win. Trump, however, has denied all allegations and maintains his innocence. The case is ongoing, and whether Sadow’s appointment will impact the outcome remains to be seen.


Little will reportedly stay on the team, though. This indicates that Sadow will work alongside her to ensure that Trump receives the best defense possible. This approach could bring a fresh perspective and improve Trump’s chances of winning the case.

The sudden change in Trump’s legal defense team just hours before he surrenders at an Atlanta jail has sparked speculation regarding its impact on his case. Criminal defense lawyer Steve Sadow has replaced Drew Findling, and he has already expressed his belief that the prosecution’s intention to serve the ambitions and careers of political opponents has no place in the justice system. While it remains to be seen whether this change will affect the outcome of the case, it does show that Trump is taking his charges seriously and is determined to clear his name.

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