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Editing by Sierra

Editing by Sierra offers comprehensive editing services for authors of all backgrounds.




Editing by Sierra

Sierra Campbell is a seasoned editor with a passion for language and storytelling. She is dedicated to helping authors enhance their written works. Sierra is the founder of Editing by Sierra, LLC, where she offers comprehensive editing services for authors of all backgrounds. Along with owning Editing by Sierra, she is the in-house editor for Love Wins Publishing. Sierra is also a member of the International Association of Women Authors (IAWA), ACES: The Society for Editing, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Northwest Editors Guild.


As a passionate wordsmith, Sierra understands that every author’s voice is unique. With Editing by Sierra, authors can expect a collaborative and supportive editing process that preserves their distinctive style while refining the clarity and impact of their work.


Editing by Sierra specializes in fantasy, romance, mystery, and YA novels, along with memoirs, anthologies, and self-help novels. She has experience in several other categories, like holiday-themed stories, sci-fi stories, and more.

Sierra is friendly and very communicative.

“Sierra is friendly and very communicative. She has a solid contract for those unsure about using an editor, and she got the work done by the deadline that she set. Her pricing in the market is very comparable, and she takes obvious pride in her work. Would definitely work with again!” – Kit Barrie, Author of The Goblin Twins

Editing by Sierra offers the following services:

Proofreading – This package is perfect for those who are seeking a final polish on their manuscript. This will correct any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and is typically done after your manuscript is formatted.


Copy Editing – For authors who want a deeper level of refinement, copy editing addresses sentence structure, word choice, and consistency. This helps your manuscript become a more cohesive piece and is typically paired with line editing.

Line Editing – Line editing goes beyond grammar and style to focus on the flow, tone, and overall readability of the text. This service is ideal for authors who are looking to enhance the narrative’s impact and is typically paired with copy editing.

Developmental Editing – Ideal for earlier drafts, developmental editing involves in-depth feedback on plot, character development, pacing, structure, and more. This service is a valuable resource for authors who want to elevate the substance of their work.

“Sierra is absolutely amazing to work with. She brought new life to my project. For weeks, I have been struggling to find a trusted editor. Her work was remarkable. She had excellent communication skills… She completed the editing project ahead of schedule. I… highly recommend her services.” – Brittany Hollis, Writer


For your next bestselling book, contact Sierra.

Editing by Sierra
Editing by Sierra

Editing by Sierra is more than just an editing service. It’s a partnership designed to bring out the best in your writing. Every package includes two rounds of edits for the price of one, a secure contract signed by both parties, and extended payment plan options. Her dedication to nurturing the creative spirit while enhancing the written word, Editing by Sierra is poised to make a lasting impact on the literary word.

“Highly recommend Editing by Sierra. She’s honest, timely, professional, knowledgeable, and great at what she does. She edited my first book… I’m so glad I found Sierra. She finished editing 351 pages way ahead of time because I was on a tight schedule to publish.” – Soua Lee, Author of The Fifth Wife

 Editing by Sierra has edited many published works, including:

If you would like to connect with Sierra, you can do so by visiting You can also send an email to or send a message to Editing by Sierra on Facebook. You can find up-to-date package and pricing information on her website, along with testimonials and novels she has edited.

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