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Silent Scream: The Diary of Me

A riveting story of the pain, resilience, and triumph of a woman who found her voice.

Cherelle Lenise



Silent Scream: The Diary Of Me

Silent Scream: The Diary Of Me. Who is Shanna Harrison-Cunningham?

Shanna Harrison-Cunningham is a woman taking the world by storm with her roar. She is a two-time best-selling author on Amazon whose books are on the lips and hearts of many people. She originally contributed her voice to the Dear Dad: Letters from the Heart anthology. Her roar became a scream heard in the ears of her audience as she recently published her first memoir, Silent Scream: The Diary of Me.


Silent Scream: The Diary of Me

Silent Scream: The Diary of Me is a page-turner that demonstrates the slow-brewing journey of a little girl, now a woman. She discovers the importance of her voice in a world full of critics and a strong urge to be silent from her captors. Her story chronicles family secrets and social ills of this world that burdened her for far too long. As Shanna’s book falls into a different category from the usual stories televised on Lifetime, her story stands out. Her savvy-style of writing and her raw and uncut story speak volumes!

Shanna is transparent about her writing process. She dives deep into her past to unlock some unpleasant memories to give an accurate account of her journey. Prayer, tears, and a sabbatical became her motivation. She believes patience and gratitude carried her through the dark pages of her book. The joy and peace she gracefully walks in today are unapologetic as far as she is concerned. Shanna credits God, her husband of twenty-eight years, herself, and her nine children.



Silent Scream: The Diary Of Me Book Cover

Book Takeaways

A part of Shanna’s vision is to protect all children from predators who want to harm them. According to Shanna, the signs are not always recognizable. Pay attention to your child’s behavior and changes in attitudes. Have a tough conversation by reminding your child that you love them and assure them they can trust you. Do not be afraid to ask the tough question – has someone hurt you? You still need to ask the question even if you do not want to hear the answer. After you ask the question, lovingly wait for a response. We must protect our children at all costs because of the burdens they carry.  

 As a result of her work, people are educated about things that are still being hidden, such as sexual abuse and inappropriate touching or grooming by adults. Shanna sheds a bright light on the saying, ‘’What goes on in this house stays in this house,’’ which is often swept under the rug. Shanna’s favorite chapter in her book is ‘’Burn the Damn Rug.’’

Readers can purchase copies of Shanna Harrison-Cunningham’s Silent Scream: The Diary of Me through major retailer Amazon.

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