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The Faces of Safety

“The intention of me writing this book is too save one life, and reduce employee’s exposure to injuries.




The Faces of Safety

The Faces of Safety. National Safety Consultant David A. Ward, Sr. releases new book The Faces of Safety  What is an employee’s life worth? It’s a question that’s rarely asked in the world of business, but it’s one that David A. Ward Sr., an executive safety facilitator, national safety consultant, and OSHA outreach trainer, confronts head-on in his thought-provoking new book, “The Faces of Safety.” Through powerful anecdotes and real-life examples, Ward challenges readers to reconsider their priorities. He wants you to think about how to take action to create safer, healthier workplaces.


The Faces of Safety will stir your emotions and leave you with a newfound appreciation for every hardworking man, woman and young adult that supports every business and reminds us of the immense cost of neglecting their well-being. This book poses tough questions to those in management and reveals the heartbreaking realities of families affected by workplace tragedy. It’s time to face the truth that the pain, suffering, and heartache caused by accidents and the loss of life cannot be described in words or in a monetary figure.


The Faces of Safety reveals the power of a safety culture. This thought-provoking and inspiring read challenges the way we think about employee safety.

It’s never too late to make a change. Are you, a C-suite executive staff member, ready to lead the way proactively investing in the safety of your employees? Safety must come before profits, as your company’s reputation depends on it. So, ask yourself, what is an employee’s life worth to you? It’s time to make a life-changing impact on your company’s safety values and culture. Safety is an investment, not only in your employees but in your company’s future.

The choice is yours, the consequences are life-changing, and the real question is, are you?

 “I wrote this book is too possibly save one life, reduce employee’s exposure to injuries, and educating executive staff members. I wanted to speak about the value of investing in and promoting the core value of safety” states Mr. Ward. “The Face of Safety touches every business, manufacturing, automotive, retail, food processing, transportation, insurance, warehousing, distribution centers, healthcare facilities, federal and state government agencies.”

 About the Author: David A. Ward Sr. is a dedicated family-oriented person, married, with five adult children: Toby, David Jr., NaTasha, Candiss, and Kaylynn, and five grandchildren: Braedon, Brycen, Brennan, Gabryela, and Rio. Website: LinkedIn:


The Faces of Safety will be available for purchase online and in major retail stores upon its release on

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