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Raquel Welch’s Passing sends shockwaves around the world




Raquel Welch's Passing sends shockwaves around the world

Raquel Welch’s Passing sends shockwaves around the world. It is with deep sadness and profound condolences to her family, friends, fans and loved ones that the news of Raquel Welch’s death has spread around the world. A true icon – both in beauty and grace – she was undeniably one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. Her sparkling presence illuminated not just films but television shows, magazine covers and public appearances spanning over five decades; when you saw or heard Raquel Welch, it brought a smile to everyone’s face. Not only did she grace our screens with incredible performances throughout her career on stage and screen alike, but she could also be found travelling worldwide as an advocate for women’s empowerment opening up conversations about health issues such as menopause which until then may have been swept under the rug.

Raquel Welch, who passed away at age three 82. A legendary actor and film star for decades, Welch was best known for her work in genre-defining classics such as Bedazzled (1967), Fantastic Voyage (1966) and Bandolero! (1968). She also gained fame from her role opposite Richard Roundtree in Shaft (1971) and later as an international supermodel. Raquel’s indomitable spirit will be forever remembered by those she touched through her iconic performances throughout the years.
Raquel Welch's Passing sends shockwaves around the world

The beloved actress, entreprenuer, and sex symbol Raquel Welch at the age of 82. Throughout her career, she developed a captivating presence which she graced across many mediums – from big-budget classic films to popular television shows and unforgettable stage performances. Her charisma was mesmerizing throughout each project and she left an everlasting impression on all those who encountered her. We are forever grateful for all the talent Raquel brought into our lives and hope that we can honor her memory by celebrating some of the wildest highlights within her iconic life.

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