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Homeless Brave Grandmother & Baby Kali




Homeless Brave Grandmother & Baby Kali

Homeless Brave Grandmother Gabrielle (Auset) Wilson & Baby Kali. Many grandparents across the U.S., that responsibility takes a very literal form becoming legal guardians and caregivers of their grandchildren. This fact may be startling. U.S. Census Bureau reports from 2017, 2.7 million children in the U.S. were being raised solely by their grandparents. Additionally, 2.4 million facing sole responsibility as they care for their grandchildren on their own. Proving that grandparenting isn’t just about spoiling grandkids on special occasions, it’s oftentimes a full-time job! We take moment to pay respect those dedicated Grandparents who are embarked on this overwhelming journey.


Homeless Brave Grandmother & Baby Kali

Meet Gabrielle and Kali, a struggling grandmother left with the responsibility and the realities of raising a young life. Trying to maintain balance in our ever-changing world has not been easy. Gabrielle put her life on hold to raise her 18-month-old grandchild Kali. “Children need to feel safe”, states Gabrielle, who is battling with her immature young adult son.

No longer able to qualify for senior housing in her community due primarily to age restrictions that most senior living facilities regarding children. Gabrielle and Kali find themselves homeless. Living from the car to extended family homes.


“Losing my home is the stick that breaks the camel’s back. Without a foundation, how am I supposed to make my granddaughter feel safe?”

“Be the change you want to see. Family, family, family is in many ways broken and that feels helpless. When I see the happiness on Kali’s little face, I know that I have to pull through this.” says Gabrielle.

Crying on the phone Gabrielle, says “Losing my home is the stick that breaks the camel’s back. without a foundation, how am I suppose to make my granddaughter feel safe?”

She is brave. Continuing to be strong and keeping a smile on her face, while at the same time asking God for mercy. Gabrielle is among a growing number of grandparents stepping up.

As an experienced grandparent, you know how much love and joy a grandchild brings into your life. But with the rising number of grandparents responsible for raising their grandchildren, this new reality can be daunting. Now we’d like to join them in bringing attention to this issue. What does raising one generation after another entail, and how far have these brave caregivers gone?


Gabrielle Aja has established a Go Fund Me for your gifts.

Fundraiser by Auset Gabrielle Aja : Please help Auset Aja & her family fund a home (

Homeless Brave Grandmother Gabrielle (Auset) Wilson & Baby Kali

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