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Are you an urban news junkie looking for the latest scoop? If so, URBT News is the perfect app for you! With its sleek modern design and unbeatable features, it’s already making waves in the mobile market. Get ready to have all your news cravings satisfied with this state-of-the-art platform – everything from politics and current affairs to arts and entertainment is at your fingertips! Impressively designed both inside and out, this revolutionary app brings together all of your favorite topics into one convenient location. Whether you’re checking headlines on the subway or simply reading up on international events during lunch breaks, URBTNews makes it easy – don’t miss out any longer; become a savvy urban American by downloading URBTNews today.




Are you constantly on the hunt for breaking news? Then, URBT News is the perfect app for you! It’s an online news platform that keeps urban Americans up-to-date on what’s going on across their cities and beyond. The user interface looks sleek and modern, making it easy to browse stories. That’s not all – with features like notifications when something important goes down in your city, automated content personalization based on topics of interest, and trending articles displayed first thing upon opening; this app is sure to be a hit among those who want the best in urban news.


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Experience in reporting news from an urban perspective.

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URBT News Music Reporter – Bio

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URBT News Beat Writer – Bio

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