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Donald Cherry Bio

Donald Cherry Bio. Donald is an editorial writer with URBT News, a self-published author, and staff editor with Love Wins Publishing.




Donald Cherry Bio

Donald Cherry Bio.  Who is Donald Cherry?

With the same name as the former ice hockey player, coach, and television commentator, and an American jazz trumpeter, Donald Cherry has some enormous footsteps to follow and colossal legacies to uphold.



Donald Cherry Bio

Born in Long Beach, California, in the heart of Southern California, Donald is an editorial intern with URBT News. He is also a self-published author and staff editor with Love Wins Publishing. Donald takes his craft seriously and puts the utmost effort into every aspect of his work.  As an editorial intern, Donald sees it as his mission to help URBT News expand and continue its popularity. He also aims to help the news organization become a flourishing business.

An urban native, Donald has discovered that he enjoys living away from metropolitan areas.  He now lives with his fiancé, Corey, on a horse ranch in northeastern Oklahoma. The couple has three dogs and three horses to keep them company.

Donald has been writing since adolescence, beginning his journey with poetry and short stories.  He later became a student writer for the University of Dubuque school newspaper.

How to Succeed When You Have Big Shoes to Fill

Donald works as a Data Manager for a nonprofit organization that provides civil legal assistance to eligible low-income and older adults throughout Oklahoma. As beforementioned, he serves as a staff editor at Love Wins Publishing alongside his mentor and coach, Tanya Denise. Tanya is the Founder/CEO of Love Wins Publishing. She is a self-published, international best-selling author, anthologist, book and writing coach.


Donald Cherry is an editor with a passion for language.   He is dedicated to helping authors enhance their written works. As a passionate wordsmith, Donald understands that every author’s voice is unique. With Donald, authors can expect a collaborative and supportive editing process that preserves their distinctive style while refining the clarity and impact of their work.

As a staff editor for Love Wins Publishing, Donald served as the Chief Editor for Pierced Purpose: Volume 2. He is also a coauthor on this project. Donald also served as editor of The Ultimate Gentleman by Florence Falls-Smith and the bestselling book Homies, Lovers, Friends…& Murder by Patrick L. Turner.

Additionally, Donald is a contributing author in the anthologies Life After…: Affected or Infected by Clarisse A. Jordan and the soon-to-be-released Life After Divorce: Men’s Edition by Tamora Katrice Burton.

Donald serves on the Master of Public Administration Advisory Board at the University of Central Oklahoma.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law from California State University, Long Beach. Donald also earned a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from Oklahoma State University, Tulsa.



Giving Back to the Community

With a servant’s heart, Donald gives back to his local community by serving through volunteer activities. He is a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council at the law firm where he works.  Donald volunteers on the Tulsa CARES Client Advisory Board as a Community Advisor. Additionally, he serves on their NOURISH-OK Participant Advisory Committee. Donald also volunteers at Health Outreach Prevention Education, Inc. (H.O.P.E.). He also previously served on the Board of Directors at Tulsa CARES.

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