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Cherelle Lenise Bio




Cherelle Lenise Bio

Cherelle Lenise Bio – is a Baltimore, Maryland native. She is a self-published author and Administrative Coordinator for Love Wins Publishing. Cherelle earned her high school diploma at Thurgood Marshall High School at age seventeen. She is a young woman with many gifts and talents and an incredible and bright future ahead of her.


Best known for her creative writing style, Cherelle is an exceptional writer with an impressive track record of expertise. She was noticed by her high school English teacher, Mrs. Williams, for her exceptional gift of writing. Mrs. Williams inspired Cherelle to write a book.


 Although she did not write the book in high school, earlier this year Cherelle released a memoir and life-changing book titled, He Chose Me: A Story of Abuse, Survival and Seeing God for the First Time. She is also a contributing author to an anthology series Sound of Proclamation. Cherelle recently joined URBT News a division of Urban Television Network Corp as a Contributing Writer.

Cherelle’s passion for writing is undeniable.

Cherelle has a passion for writing. She especially enjoys writing about controversial topics such as human trafficking, domestic violence crimes, and safety prevention plans against predators.  When she is not writing unpublished personal articles that can contribute to the safety of others in her time, she serves as a Team Lead for a health insurance company.  In her eight years with the company, she was certified as a knowledge author, one who writes Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for her department as a contributor to the company.

 Cherelle hopes to thrive in every aspect of life and loves seeing others succeed. She likes to contribute to the world, especially those who have fallen prey to unforeseen and life-changing circumstances. What does the future look like for Cherelle? Who knows precisely what she will be doing, but as bright as the sun is and as alive as she is, we can look forward to her writing expanding globally and in a theatre near you.

Cherelle Lenise Bio


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