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What Is Heaven Like?

What is Heaven Like? The death of a still born child, inspires new book about heaven




What is Heaven Like?
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In “What is heaven like?” the author Richard R. Eng tells a story of  a boy name Jesse. Jesse is six-years-old, who asks his dad about heaven. His father teaches him that heaven is not less real than earth and will be forever fulfilling. His wife and he experienced a miscarriage. Through out the grieving Eng had the idea to write the book, he also realized he would never have the conversations he wanted with his son. He wrote the   book on imaginative conversations with his son.

They planned to name the unborn son Jesse, telling him what heaven would be like. Throughout the book Jesse’s dad tells that heaven is more than keeping away from the bad parts of life, but a joyful state. The radiant illustration included visually fluent topic of the book to young children.

“The death of a still born child, inspires new book about heaven”

“I invite children and parents to re-imagine heaven as a place that is not dream-like or boring,” Eng said, “but more real than this life and a place that will properly satisfy our longing for meaningful and mentally fulfilling work .”

As an author I like the reasons why he wrote the book. I believe it’s the kind of story I would recommend for reading.


“What is heaven like?”  Is important to the author because he is a pastor and he loves Jesus / God, his unborn son and his  family Richard R. Eng serves as the family pastor at Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Holdrege, Neb. His education includes degrees in Bible and Student Ministry from Grace University, Omaha, Neb. and a Master of Arts in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas. Eng has written on faith and cultural issues for The Expository Times, Free Thinking Ministries, Cross Examined and other outlets. He and his wife share two children and reside in Holdrege, Neb.

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