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Introducing Coaching for Womenprenuers

Wholistic counseling for women entrepreneurs is essential to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness




Introducing Coaching for Womenprenuers.

Introducing Coaching for Womenprenuers. Entrepreneurship among women is on the rise. Women are unleashing their creativity to establish innovative social enterprises. Tiana Burton Inc. was created and founded with the same intention of proving the efficacy of wholistic counseling. Tiana Burton is a fervent advocate for the empowerment of women.


Burton is a Gain Service Worker & Job Developer for Los Angeles County, entrepreneur, published author, and certified life, business, and entrepreneur life coach. Tiana has a BA in Public Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). After earning her undergraduate degree, Burton continued her graduate studies in Behavior Health at CSUDH. She earned an MS in Behavioral Science with a concentration in Negotiation and Conflict Management. She earned a second Masters degree, a MA in Public Health Administration. Her doctoral dissertation at Grand Canyon University focuses on the maternal influence of women in leadership positions. Tiana is an outspoken supporter of adoption and foster care. Burton says her most significant achievement is being the mother of seven exceptional children, including three adopted sons.

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Journey to Empowering Women

Tiana’s journey to empower women began over 20 years ago when she co-founded the POWER Network. As cofounder and Regional Director, she has played a pivotal role in establishing a thriving networking association for women in business. Years later, Total Diva Konnection (TDK) was birthed.  TDK was a group of accomplished women committed to empowering others to achieve personal and professional goals through networking, resource sharing, and inspiring creativity.  Her passion for women-focused events led her to help establish the TLE Group. The entertainment-based company organizes events to promote body positivity and self-esteem. Tiana is also a certified specialist in suicide intervention and prevention.

Burton balances her career obligations with her unwavering commitment to community service. Tiana has always been passionate about youth advocacy and community involvement. Tiana coordinated the Young Black Scholars and See Your Future mentorship programs for nearly ten years in her early career. She sits on various community boards. Her role on the board of directors of Working Women International enables her to help women moving from poverty to work obtain critical support from this non-profit organization. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Time to Foundation, which helps traumatized women. Tiana is devoted to St. Julian Salvation’s administrative board and the outreach program for Compton’s impoverished and homeless. Burton serves on the board of Art Active LA, which provides underprivileged adolescents with top-notch instruction from seasoned artists in various artistic disciplines.

Coaching for Womenprenuers

Tiana has decided to combine her passion, philanthropic goals, and business acumen to launch Coaching for Womenprenuers, a revolutionary coaching program designed to place life and work at the forefront of each client’s journey to achieving their key goals. With a focus on enhancing relationships, career paths, personal wellness, and more, this innovative coaching service is poised to transform how female entrepreneurs navigate their professional and personal lives.



Why Should Women Entrepreneurs Hire a Coach?

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Why Should Women Entrepreneurs Hire a Coach?” Coaching for Womenpreneurs offers a wholistic approach to empowering women in life and work. Women can benefit from wholistic coaching in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Kicking unhealthy habits that hold them back from reaching their full potential
  • Gaining the self-assurance to step into their leadership roles at work
  • Mending strained relationships with their significant others, their families, and their friends and acquaintances
  • Reclaiming their sense of self as a woman and making self-care a priority
  • Realizing their true calling in life and redesigning their lives to to reflect that better

Tiana Burton Inc – Coaching for Womenpreneurs understands the specific obstacles that women confront in today’s fast-paced, competitive market. This program seeks to empower women by giving a complete and wholistic approach to unlocking their full potential and achieving outstanding achievements in all parts of their lives. Clients will receive expert assistance and support from highly skilled coaches who specialize in empowering women through personalized coaching sessions. Tiana will work closely with each client as a certified Master Life Coach to determine their goals and build tailored methods to overcome obstacles and grasp opportunities. The Coaching for Womenpreneurs program addresses many issues important to a woman’s overall well-being. Visit to schedule your free 30-minute consultation or the office of Tiana Burton Inc. at (310) 504-2064.

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